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We are a specialist in the cleaning of photovoltaic and solar panels. We provide our services to the customer and undertake the important task of professional cleaning in our service.

Our company has specialised itself in the professional cleaning of photovoltaic and solar plants of any size. Each photovoltaic or solar system has its own requirements due to its location and emission factors.

The specialised cleaning services of our company have been developed subject to the proviso of ecological cleaning and guarantee streak-free drying of the module surface.

We clean with clean water, which is treated in plants developed by us.

The requirements for the cleaning of a photovoltaic or solar panel are determined by the location of the panel and the emissions occurring there. Therefore, we develop a cleaning concept for our customers which is tailored to their panel and agree this before any cleaning.

Our company and services are certified specialists in photovoltaic and solar panel cleaning. This means that not only are the work processes of our customers designed in accordance with customer requirements, but service, quality and customer satisfaction are also guaranteed.

We guarantee an optimal cleaning result.

This is what we stand for with our experience and our SolarPlus cleaning developer team.