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Do you have losses?

A professional and expert cleaning of photovoltaic and solar modules by our company is profitable and optimises the income of your plant.

Which losses occur without cleaning of photovoltaic and solar modules

From some example, it can be seen right away that the annual losses are enormous, even for small panels.

Adopted bases of calculation:

  • Irradiation of 1,000 kWh/kWp in the year
  • Medium degree of pollution (15%)
  • Commissioning of the panel in 2008

Residential house 20 kWp

Residential house 20 kWp

Module surface area: 143 m²
produced power (annual): 20,000 kWh
feed-in tariffs (annual): 46.75 cents
annual allowance: €9,350.00
annual losses: €1,402.50

Industrial roof 220 kWp

Industrial roof 220 kWp

Module surface area: 1,572 m²
produced power (annual): 220,000 kWh
feed-in tariffs (annual): 44.52 cents
annual allowance: €97,944.00
annual losses: €14,691.60

Free area of 1 Mwp

Free area of 1 Mwp

Module surface area: 7,143 m²
produced power (annual): 1,000,000 kWh
feed-in tariffs (annual): 44.11 cents
annual allowance: €441,100.00
annual losses: €66,165.00

The costs of ecological cleaning by SolarPlus Cleaning amount to only a small proportion of your annual losses due to contamination.

Environmentally-friendly and preserving value – for your additional yield of energy.

We provide ecological cleaning and strip-free drying of your modules – 100% clean. Our cleaning system has a vibration-free function and meets the requirements of the module manufacturer.

Organic solar module cleaning

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