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Effective performance of a solar energy panel?

How can one effectively increase the output power of a solar panel?

Solar and photovoltaic panels are subject to constant weather and environmental influences. Shading due to contaminants reduces the yield of the feed-in tariff.

We tell you how you can make even more solar power income from your solar panel …

The targeted professional cleaning of all mineral and organic contaminants (such as dust, debris, grease, pollen, moss or insects) by our cleaning system is proven to optimise the performance of your panel and guarantee a long service life.

Benefits to you from our solar cleaning

  • 100% clean = 100% energy
  • Ecological cleaning procedure with stain-free drying
  • Prevention of yield losses – more energy through clean module surfaces
  • Professional cleaning by a specialist company
  • Our expert consultants will inform you individually according to your requirements. Professionally competent.

An investment that pays off:

  • Higher yield values
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Value retention of your investment

We are the first company in Germany to provide you with a free app for your smartphone so that you can calculate, to some extent, possible losses caused by dirt on your panel. Please use this service.