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Why clean?

Increased yield from a clean PV panel!

PV units or solar panels use sunlight to convert it directly into electrical power. A photovoltaic / solar panel can only work effectively if it is not dirty.

Increased yield due to the professional cleaning of your PV panel – 100% organic.

Dirt on the solar module reduces its efficiency and thus its power generation. The comprehensive study of Prof.Dr.Haberlin and Ch.Renken of the Bern University of Applied Sciences confirms that the phenomenon of dirt strips has even been observed in the case of modules at a setting angle of 65°.

If parts of the solar cells are dirty, there is a reduction in the yield of the whole module because this acts as resistance in the circuit!

The weakest module now determines the overall performance due to the series connection in which so-called strings are connected.

Our customers confirm an optimum result and an improvement in their income after each clean.

Do you want to achieve the best yield with your photovoltaic and solar panel without any stress?

Increased yield from a clean PV panel!

Cleaning of your PV panel – 100% organic

Then use our services:

  • Competent service
  • Technical consulting and implementation
  • Certified cleaning procedure
  • Optimal cleaning result

Our cleaning process is based on the use of clean water. This makes the cleaning 100% organic and does not pollute the environment.

Achieve higher yields with a small investment.